Gas Stoves

Considering an alternative way of heating your house? Then we are glad to introduce you into a section highlighting the advantages, tips on choice and maintenance of gas stoves. Gas stoves are not a very cheap solution however there are some obvious benefits of installation a gas heating appliance. Modern gas stoves are based on the latest heat efficient technology which enables the appliance to bur less gas and to produce more heat and warmth into environment. The gas stoves are simple and easy to install and maintain. However you should keep in mind that gas is obviously more expensive than wood, but this fuel is much cheaper than electricity.As an alternative heating element the gas oven is a rather controllable unit, which you switch on and off when you need it. You can heat your home whenever you need it without paying the greatest bills.Unlike wood heating appliances, gas stoves do not engage you into a mess with ash cleaning, coal racking, gathering and cutting logs and keeping the wood fuel dry. The gas stoves are easier and simpler to start. Unlike wood stove, the gas one starts from a single butting igniting the fire in the oven.We have collected the most heat efficient stoves for you. They radiate the heat equally throughout the room, some of the stoves are equipped with special fans for efficient circulating of the heat.Gas stoves can operate either from gas balloons or from gas pipe lines. Both ways of fuel supply have their own advantages. Balloons are cheaper but take some place and need to be hidden from eyes in order not to spoil the esthetics of the interior. Moreover balloons are the most cost efficient way of heating. Using gas pipe line, you will never run off of fuel, but still you should keep in mind that you will have to come up with high bills for supplied gas.

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Double door design Beauty and efficient operation come alive together with the Jøtul GF 400 DV Sebago..

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