Why to Choose Solar System for Home

In this article we will tell about why you should to choose solar systems for your house.

Ten years ago, few people had solar-powered homes. However, solar panels have gradually gained in popularity due to problems related to global warming and federal and local tax incentives.

People can easily reduce the household’s carbon footprint, by an average of 35,180 pounds of carbon dioxide each and every year by installing solar panels. As a comparison, you would have to plant more than 80 trees/per in order to obtain the same reduction of carbon dioxide footprint.

You may find it really difficult to figure out where to get started due to the high number of installers and financing plans. To make this task easier, you can read the following lines.

Project Installation Process

Reason: To cut down the carbon footprint and save more than $84 on average each and every month on electricity bills.

How it works: Solar panels are practically created from photovoltaic cells. To put it simply, the photovoltaic cells transform sunlight into electricity needed to power a building.

Who to contact for the installation process: The installation process is quite complicated. In order to obtain an efficient system, you will need to place the panel properly and install all the additional wiring. Therefore, you need to work with professionals on this one.

Search for a professional solar company who

  • Provides a good warranty plan. You need to search for a company that provides 10 years warranty on the inverter and a minimum of 20 years for the solar panels.
  • Works with panels created by a manufacturer based in the United States. In this way, your warranty will protect you in case the manufacturer refuses to do so.
  • Does not work with third parties for installation. You will need to spend more time and talk to more people to benefit on the warranty certificate.
  • Has all the necessary licenses and bonds, and no big complaints have been filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
  • Will offer you at least 2 recent customer references.
  • Will make sure that your roof can support the additional weight of a panel system. At A-Top Roofing, they recommend that all of their clients get their roof support system checked out by a professional before installing anything that will add more weight to the roof. Failure to do the proper checks could result in a collapse.
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Finance, buy or lease?

Cost range: In the first months of the year 2011, the price of solar panels has been reduced with nearly 60%. If we add the federal and local tax credits and subsidies, you will obtain a reduction of more than $15.000 on up-front costs.

Tax incentives: Residential and commercial buildings that switch to solar energy by the end of 2016 will obtain a 30% tax credit from the federal solar Investment Tax Credit.

All states have different tax incentives. People who live in LA can obtain the ITC, and then obtain a property tax exemption from the state of California, along with a rebate of $0.12/kilowatt-hour for the next twenty years from the city.

In order to ensure the fact that you take advantage of all the financial help that is available to you, you need to your homework properly.

More and more people are opting for solar leases in order to reduce the up-front costs. The costs for repairs and maintenance are also covered by these leasing companies.

If you opt for a permanent installation, you will also increase the value of your home.

People with good credit scores can obtain a great deal on a loan due to the presently low-interest rates. However, you need to ensure the fact that your loan payment is less than your average electricity bill in case you really want to save some money.

Note: Your homeowner’s insurance premium will also be increased if you decide to go solar.

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Usual project length: You will need to wait just a couple of days for wiring and installation to be completed. However, after you sign the contract, you will need to wait a couple of weeks or maybe months to start the actual installation.


Definitely needed. This is why you need to wait so long for the installation process to begin. Costs for permits differ from state to state, but obtaining permits is the installer’s job.

Project considerations: In order for the system to function efficiently, you will need to mount the solar system on the part of the roof that is exposed to direct sunlight during the time of day when it is the strongest.

The level of efficiency may be affected by trees, tall buildings, and even a chimney. A shadow can affect a solar panel in different ways, depending on the type of the panels. To increase the power, the panels should be exposed to full sun for a longer period of time.

The region in which you live will also influence the amount of solar radiation that reaches the ground during a given period of time. For example, people who live in Las Vegas will have the more efficient system than those who live in Chicago.

What is the number of panels required and what are the correct dimensions? There are 2 things which influence the size of a system: the amount of energy needed and insulation.

To find out how many kilowatts of energy you use on average per day, you need to examine your electric bill. Multiply the number of kilowatts by .25, and you will determine the perfect system for your house.

The output per panel and level of insulation will determine the number of panels that you will need.

How Home Solar Power System Works

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