Graboplast was established around 110 years ago. It was a Hungarian factory that produced tarpaulin and oilcloth. The factory developed and diversified over time, transforming into a company group of 4 factories. Graboplast produces floorings and wall coverings from natural wood and PVC, including Grabo, a popular brand of high-quality linoleum.

The company specializes in production of specialized floorings, including

  • Transport roll vinyl;
  • Elastic sport products;
  • Acoustic and bacteriostatic products;
  • Anti-slip surfaces;
  • Homogenous and heterogeneous industrial PVC linoleum.

Grabo also produces a wide range of nice domestic and commercial floorings (EN 685 classes 21-23 and 31-32). The company uses foamed vinyl or non-woven polyethylene threads as base material for their linoleums. Non-woven PE threads form synthetic felt, a warm and soundproof material.

Main advantages:

  • High quality of products. All linoleums are CE-certified, providing highest levels of safety;
  • Wear-proof layer with anti-slip embossing. Fiberglass is used as medium layer to prevent deformation;
  • Great choice of various designs, starting from classical wood and tile imitation and ending with avant-garde prints. Graboplast also often special designs for general use, children’s room et cetera;
  • Easy to lay and care;
  • Domestic and specialized floorings are quite affordable;

Main disadvantages:

  • Low supplies in several countries. Sometimes you have to wait for at least a month before your linoleum is delivered;
  • Graboplast linoleums cannot be used with underfloor heating systems;
  • Dirt can soak in linoleum over time. You may have to use special detergents to prevent that.
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