Getting Rid of Window Decals

First you buy them, then you regret you’ve ever considered them. Yeah, we’re talking about window decals. As the time passes and you no longer need them, removing them becomes a real pain. Regardless of what type of decal you need to remove – starting from simple store-bought decal and ending with special commercial solutions – we’ve gathered some tips for you so that you won’t curse the skies when removing them. There are quite a few approaches you can take to get rid of old decal.

Store-Bought Options

Fresh Decals

If you’re lucky and the decal wasn’t on window for far too long, you might just have to use some clean water and a dull putty. Wet the decal with a sponge or spray bottle, let it soak into the adhesive that glues the decal to the glass. Then scrap the decal with the putty knife. If it won’t come off easily or if it leaves residue, just give up and move forward to the next method. Decals are the manifestation of evil. Jokes aside, though, we’ve only tried the easiest method. If it doesn’t work, we’ll try something tougher.

Long-Stuck Decals

If those decals have been on your window since the dawn of ages, ditch the water and go for white vinegar. Soak the decal in the vinegar by using a soaked cloth. Then scrape the decal with putty knife. If those decals resist, pour even more vinegar on it!

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Commercial Options


Window decals can be easily removed with WD-40. You’ll need to spray the liquid on the decay, wipe it with a clean cloth and peel off the whole thing. Use a putty knife to remove the most resistant pieces.

Please note that WD-40 is a very aggressive compound. Don’t spray it on anything else, including curtains, vehicle seats and yourself. Especially yourself.

Commercial Adhesive Remover

Commercially available adhesive removers are quite a bit expensive. They, however, will certainly do the job right, and no decal will withstand their fury. Be sure to buy special adhesive removers designed for car windows if you need to remove the decal from a car window. These can be bought in auto or discount stores.

Read all provided instructions and safety warnings when you buy the product. Most of the available removers just require you to give them some time as they make their way inside a sticker, and then remove the sticker with a piece of cloth.

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