Gardening Apps

These iPhone and iPad Apps Will Help You Plant A Plentiful Garden


Many people love gardening, and for good reason. It is therapeutic, relaxing, and an all-around healthy hobby for anyone to have. Are you ready to flex your green thumb? In this AppGuide, we compare apps that will help make your garden even more beautiful this year.

Essential Apps

Garden Plan Pro

Gardening Apps

by Growing Interactive

If you would like a plentiful garden, look no further than Garden Plan Pro. The app is a bit expensive, but completely worth it. A large plant database and calendar will help you identify what you would like to plant and when to plant it. Crop rotation help and weather information for your area makes this an essential for both the casual and the serious gardener. Garden Plan Pro was previously an iPad-only app, but recently made the switch to become universal. If you already owned the iPad version, it will be free of charge to download this app on your iPhone.

Garden Compass Plant / Disease Identifier

Gardening Apps

by TeamSOA, Inc.

This universal app is packed with information to help you learn all about plants. When preparing to start a garden, it is essential to know what you are planting. If you are not sure, simply take a photo of a plant and Garden Compass will tell you what it is. There are over 1,000 pictures, as well as the ability to share your photos over social networks.

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Notable Apps

Garden Tracker – Bumper Crop

Gardening Apps

by Portable Databases

Garden Tracker – Bumper Crop is an iPad-only app that will help you plan the size of your garden and keep track of how your crops are coming along. Design your own grids for the garden or gardens that you are planning, take notes, keep pictures, and enjoy the other helpful features that are included. You are also able to sync your saved gardens between your iDevices and your Mac using Dropbox, which is a bonus. The newest feature of this app allows you to take photographs of each of your gardens.

GardenMinder by Gardener’s Supply Company

Gardening Apps

by Green Mountain Digital

GardenMinder is a universal app that will teach you how to plant vegetable gardens. Currently only supported within the United States, GardenMinder features built in how-tos and reminders to ensure that you will plant your largest harvest to date. There is also a handy journal for you to keep pictures and take notes in. The app’s features make this a notable choice.

Decent Apps

Veronica’s Garden Tracker

Gardening Apps

by Jeffery Martin

Have you ever forgotten what vegetable you have planted, and where? This iPad-only app allows you to keep a visual journal of your vegetable garden. Veronica’s Garden Tracker also gives you a place to keep track of planting dates, notes on vegetable-destroying pests that you may have in your garden, when to fertilize, varietals, and more. There are not as many options in this app as Garden Tracker – Bumper Crop, but this app certainly does its job.

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iGarden USA – Gardening Helper

Gardening Apps

by NanoSoft, LLC

This universal app will give you advice on the planting dates for each USA climate zone, the best planting procedures for each type of plant in your garden, and more. With indoor and outdoor planting, iGarden USA – Gardening Helper is a decent option for those wanting to test out their green thumb.

Garden Time Planner

Gardening Apps

by Burpee

This universal app is decent for figuring out when you should plant your herbs and vegetables, giving you tips all the way up until the best time to harvest your crop. Garden Time Planner provides weather tips for your area, a database chock full of plants, and more. One major drawback is the fact that the app’s developer, Burpee, wants you to buy your items from them. Pushing sales gets in the way of all things gardening.

Other Apps


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