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It is needless to say that tile is the best option for flooring as tile is greatly durable and wear resistant so it can be used on traffic-heavy surfaces, it does not absorb water, odors and bacteria, it is easily cleaned and maintained and features many more advantages unlike other finishing materials recommended for flooring as laminate flooring or hardwood flooring. Modern floor tiles come in great variety of styles, shapes, designs and colors. Floor tile manufacturers have managed to mix the greatest quality, unique design, outstanding functionality and performance. Besides floor tiles are produced from various materials which are different in performance and durability. Lets us choose the best from the best floor tiles!

Vinyl Floor Tile Manufacturers

Vinyl tiles are commonly chosen for traffic-heavy residential and commercial areas due to the low price, high durability and ease of cleaning and maintenance of the materials. Vinyl floor tile manufacturers get inspired by nature and produce tiles close in perception to natural materials. You will find best vinyl floor tiles resembling wood, stone, marble and imitating natural colors of wood, seawater, wild exotic greenery. Among the most renowned vinyl floor tile manufacturers you are advised to consider Amtico, KarnDean Design Floor, Mannington Mills producing tiles in sophisticated design and of the highest functionality and performance. Vinyl floor tile is the cheapest option.

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Ceramic Floor Tile Manufacturers

Ceramic tile is one of the most practical and usable options for flooring. Modern ceramic is a mixture of clays and natural materials processed, colored, shaped and glazed. However tile can be left in its natural color and even unglazed for creating natural feel. Top-rated ceramic floor tile manufacturers produce high quality products meeting international standards. Of course, ceramics is a highly durable material, however not all tiles will suit for flooring. We have selected the best ceramic floor tile producers offering the optimum balance of quality, functionality, durability and price. Among them there are American Florim, Ceramica Tena (Spain), Cotto Venetto (Italy) and many others! Explore the complete list of ceramic floor tile manufacturers, their profiles and catalogues on our site!

Porcelain Floor Tile Manufacturers

Porcelain is a sort of ceramic tile which is more durable and functional than traditional ceramic floor tiles due to a specific technology of production. To produce a porcelain tile the best porcelain clays are selected and mixed and then fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic ones. Porcelain floor tile manufacturers offer the greatest variety of styles and colors, shapes and sizes. The collections of the most renowned producers are inspired with ancient epochs and arts, nature and natural powers. Thus we can get the patters and textures typical of the Victorian Age or we can easily create a feel of sea shore in the bathroom. We recommend to consider next porcelain floor tile manufacturers: Ceramica D’Imola, Cotto Venetto (Italy), American Florim, producing a wide range of tiles from basic to luxury ones.

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