Egger Laminate

Egger laminate is being produced by Egger Floor Products since 1996 in 14 plant in Germany and Austria.

The company executes strict control at every stage of a manufacture process. Thanks to it we have laminate with an abrasion-resistant and durable surface of a high quality. Indeed, Egger Floor Products Company issues a guarantee for all production from 15 to 25 years depending on a class.

Egger laminate consists of 4-5 layers (depending of décor). Normally a laminate board has a HDF base made of natural wood fibers with decorative paper (of a certain texture and color) pressed to one side and an overlay (a protective layer of a high solidity and durability). On the other side of the HDF base you can find a balance layer and a special sound-insulating layer called silenzio. Resin impregnation of paper layers and a protective layer of a high solidity guarantees floor resistance to aggressive environment, moisture-proof, abrasion –proof and resistance to heavy impacts.

JUST Clic! is a special lock created by Egger Company for convenient glueless connection of floor boards.


Some floor models are produced with a super smooth and sparkling surface (Brilliant), some with a porous surface (Natural Pore), some with a natural surface (Woodline) or special visual effects, like Elegant Line, Rustic etc, and even with a wavy surface ( Authentic Look).

See the picture of some Egger surfaces:

Egger laminate overcomes an antistatic treatment and can be used both in residential and commercial premises.

Laminate of Egger Floor Boards can be conditionally divided into the following series: FLOORLINE, VIVO, VELVET MATT, ELEGANT, COUNTRY LIFE etc. Each of them has its peculiarities. One of the most popular collections is FLOORLINE. It includes traditional collections (Classic, Mediterranean, Country, Cosmopolitan, Young & Fun) and some brand new collections (Modern, Business, Noble, Solution, Strong, Universal, Exotic, Compact). The samples of some collection from FLOORLINE series can be found here:

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