DIY: How to Make A Deck

Deck is a great solution for organization of outer space of the house and getting a comfortable outdoor leisure and fun spot. However the process of building a deck is so troublesome and the idea is too expensive that most enthusiasts die completely out in their desire to build a deck right after they find out how to make a deck on one’s own.

Building a deck may turn to the greatest DIY challenge of your life and it is well worth trying. If you do not know how to build a deck, then this article will be of great help for you explaining where to start and what to do.

How to make a deck with less effort?

First you should know what types of decks there are to build in your yard and what the difference of these deck types is. Decks commonly come in three types, depending on which we will plan how to make a deck you need:

  • Low level decks are built adjacent to your house and keep the same level as your house. Such decks commonly give more space and are easier to plan and construct;
  • Remote decks are built commonly apart from the house and are constructed mostly to take advantage of the view or create a dedicated lounge area in the garden or by the pool;
  • Hillside decks are constructed on the uneven ground or sloping to give a house owner more of even space to enjoy.

To decide what type of deck to build you should first analyze your area and decide what place will be better for a deck. We also recommend you to consider the sun moving in the sky. Thus you will be able to create a real outdoor lounge paradise with exact dosage of sun beams and shadow over the deck for a comfortable rest.

Learning how to make a deck, you have already found out that everything starts with designing and planning. There are great many of online tools and PC applications to implement your deck ideas into a sketch or to take a typical sketch and customize it up to your taste and needs.

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To make a plan of your future deck you will need to measure your area and perimeter of your house to get exact data about space you can “donate” to your deck.

The next step of how to make a deck strategy is to calculate your expenses. Here you should already know how much you can afford to spend and what materials would you like to use most. The next useful tip for you will be: do not pay extra attention to décor elements and focus on durability of the materials. As an end result you need a comfortable, cozy, durable and safe outdoor lounge area. What is the use of decorative luxurious elements when your deck can hold a small private party due to “weak” materials, which bend under the minute pressure? That is why your prime goal is to choose high quality durable materials for building a deck.

How to make a deck and not to bankrupt?

Today building a DIY is not a problem as there are online deck design software giving you exact construction plans, great ideas and inspirations for deck designs and step by step instructions on how to make a deck. These applications can be used online or downloaded to your PC. The applications are commonly paid however demo versions are commonly enough to get advance of. You will basically need the next features:

  • Exact deck planner in which you can put the true measurements and get a valid plan which will be easy to implement in life;
  • A to-dos and materials list to plan your expenses carefully;
  • A step by step guide with tips and advices on how to avoid costly mistakes.

That is all. You will not need any options of decoration of your future deck as well as you will not get advantage of additional 3D viewing of your deck. Using these free deck design tools you will be able to sufficiently save on designer and architect services, and will release some cash to invest in the quality of materials.

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Planning your expenses, browse the websites of wholesale markets of construction materials and you will find a true dealer which will help you to save cost due to wholesale purchase.

There are many online guides on how to make a deck. The simplest choice is to follow these step by step instructions and make a deck by a design you have created in an online deck design tool. However, if you doubt your constructing skills and experience, then you can hire a pro worker to help you in some issues. Getting pro help will cost you less than hiring a full team of workers to complete the entire process from deck design and planning to decoration.

Browsing the internet on the matter of how to make a deck you will also find some end solutions as ready to install remote decks which can be easily adjacent to your house or can serve as standalone units in your garden. These decks are commonly more expensive and smaller in size than a deck you can make yourself.

Get your deck dream brought to life in the easiest and simplest way with expert advices and tips online. You will find thousands of great designs and ready to start plans of typical decks or you can easily create your own plan with one of the tools. And do not forget that the first step is the hardest one!

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