DIY Geniuses from England Made A Flooring From Thousands of 2p Coins

What’s the best material to lay on garage floor? Apparently, 2 pence coins are the new trend – at least for a single British family living in Pensford, Somerset. Dominic Lowe, 55, and his son John, 25, came up to a pretty ingenuous and stylish idea to decorate their garage.

Father and son started working on a beautiful mosaic made of copper coins after Dominic has seen a Facebook post about this design choice. The family decided it would be a perfect way to make something unique out of their newly built garage. Their project is far from completion, at least for now – they have only laid 17,000 out of 33,700 coins.

A fragment of coin tiles //

A fragment of coin tiles //

The family used Coke to polish the coins. They are then placed on glued floor, creating a beautiful copper floor that covers an area of 5 on 5 meters.

Father and son have been polishing some of the coins, while leaving some of them dull on purpose. This creates a two-tone effect, allowing the family to make a beautiful pattern inside the garage. When evening comes, the setting sun shines through the windows, bouncing off the metal. And the best part here is that the final project cost won’t be more than £670… at least for the 2 pence coins part.

The men spend around ten hours a week bending everything over and laying down the coins. Dominic soaks a handful of coins in a bowl of Coca-Cola, then washes them all off under tap water and dries them down with a towel. As the coins become ready, he sticks them to the floor with glue.

Lowe family showing their work //

Lowe family showing their work //

John has helped Dominic collect coins, while his younger sister Katie spent some time preparing the floor for the restyling. When all coins will be laid, Dominic plans to put an additional lacquer layer over the shiny ones so that they won’t tarnish over time.

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