Shower Ideas

Shower is one of the most strategic areas in the house. Many people consider a shower being just a part of daily routine. However shower is a great way to relax, to tone your body, soul and psyche. That is why realizing a great shower design is really essential. How to design a really super shower?
Our experts have browsed dozens of galleries and ideas of how to design a shower and have selected the best ones for you. We try to find the hottest trends for you to design a shower which will not only look great but will be extremely functional and safe. Starting from the area organization you should plan everything accurately and correctly to greatly enjoy the result. Besides shower design should consider such great features as water supply, plumbing and materials to realize your idea.
Where to start?
Shower design should start with thorough analyses of the area on the next aspects:

Sources of light;
Floor space.

These factors should be considered on the step of choosing shower design as many ideas will not work in your case as there will be no space to realize the desired shower design idea correctly or the pipelines will not allow you to put a shower cabin in a certain place.
Another aspect to consider is a color scheme. This factor incorporates the sources of light in your bathroom. Choosing a color scheme for your shower you should consider whether there are windows in the bathroom or not and what sort of lighting to choose to make the tile, mirrors, glass and bathroom furniture shine.
One of the most crucial aspects to pay attention to in shower design is tile. There are different sorts of tiles for shower you can use. Most of them are reviewed on our site. The tile should be durable, water resistant and resistible to high humidity. But what is even mo9re important is its safety. Modern tiles are extremely durable to mechanical damages, but still may appear very dangerous when applied on the floor due to glazed and slippery surface. You should also know that there are different sorts of tiles used for walls and floors. Our website is a complete guide through renovation of your house in general and your shower in particular.
In this section you will find the greatest shower design ideas being very easy to realize even in the limited space. Read the reviews and articles on how to design shower and how to make your shower and bathroom extremely safe. We are constantly updating this section to keep you informed about the latest ideas in shower design!

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