Wood Kitchen Tables

Contrary to popular belief that wood kitchen table looks outdated and is not very usable we want to present the greatest gallery of kitchen tables made of wood. The main criteria we took into account, when picking up the examples, were:Table usability – the gallery offers the coziest and the most convenient tables as for dining of the family together so for cooking; Style – it is widely known that country style is gaining its popularity again. The best way to redesign your kitchen into country style is to place a massive wood kitchen table in its heart; Quality – you know for sure that there are sorts of wood that are different in quality. Some sorts of wood are softer and less resistible to mechanical damages, meanwhile some sorts of wood feature the greatest water, temperature and mechanical damage resistance. Unfortunately, these are the most expensive solutions on the market.We tried hard and picked up perfect wood kitchen tables featuring optimum balance of functionality, usability, quality and price. Moreover we have selected various form factors to ideally fit into your dream kitchen. A useful tip for you will be: if you have other wooden furniture in the kitchen, then choose a wood kitchen table in the same color and style concept.