Kitchen Tables

A kitchen table is a heart of your cooking kingdom. Besides most houses do not feature a dedicated dining area that is why your kitchen table should match several criteria, as we are looking for a perfect balance of the form, function ad comfort:It should be comfortable and large enough for cooking;It should conveniently sit all family members and some guests;It should be right sized in order not to take much space in your kitchen.Kitchen table sizeA size of a new kitchen table is always a real headache as the table should be really big enough to sit all family members together, however the space in the kitchen should not be compromised. You will hate your new table in a matter of weeks if it will gobble up all the space in the kitchen. Believe it or not, though all family members will sit together, still it will not be very comfortable when there is no place left for migration to and fro.On the other hand, compromising the size of the kitchen table you automatically compromise its functionality as having not enough space to put plates, dishes and appliances for comfortable cooking will turn you into looking for a new table again. We recommend choosing oval tables as they give lots of space to cook on, to sit many people at once and they take not as much space in the kitchen as traditional rectangular ones.Do not forget that still the core feature is the quality of the table and its withstanding the test of time. Shape and styleAs we are tending to design a dream kitchen then your new kitchen table should meet the concept of your desired style. On browsing online catalogues you will find the kitchen tables, setting the tone and style of the entire room. For example, having high-tech kitchen cabinets, it is not recommended to choose a classic kitchen table made of wood. For this kitchen concept durable plastic surface with bright color accents or a combination of glass and steel are more preferable solutions.Another factor to consider is the shape of your new kitchen table. Modern furniture industry offers various solutions: from traditional rectangular to round and oval (which are by now considered to be time honored tables), square and weirdly shaped. We advise to keep in mind that rectangular tables can sit more people around than square ones. However the latter takes less space in the kitchen.Browse our galleries and reviews of the most popular models of the kitchen tables and we are sure, you will find your desired table with no risk to style, functionality, quality and size!