SmartDraw Deck Software Review

You’ve heard the expression measure twice, cut once. The same principle applies to deck design. Before you install your first joist or deck board, you’ll want to have a deck design that’s completely planned out from the foundation to the ledger board. But you probably don’t want to spend your entire spring or summer designing it. You want to go outside and build. So use our deck software to design a deck to be the envy of your neighbors. Start with a deck design template and quickly drag-and-drop deck elements like boards, railings, planters, and even patio furniture. Deck designing made simple!

Some simple tips for successful deck designs:

  • Don’t Forget to Get a Permit
    You could face fines or may even have to tear down all your hard work if you don’t get the right permits before you start building your deck. Find out what codes you have to follow in your area and make sure you create your deck plan accordingly.
  • Use Protection
    Protect your hard deck design work from the elements whether it be rain, excessive sun, or frost. Make sure you apply both paint and a oil or water-based sealant.
  • How to Make Sure Your Deck is Flat
    Your boards won’t always be perfectly flat. To help flatten them out, always install them with the curves or crown going upward. That way as the deck sags over time, they will flatten out.
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Our deck software includes visuals for:

  • Elevation posts
  • Support and surface boards
  • Planters and flowers
  • Hot tubs and Jacuzzis
  • Umbrellas and patio furniture
  • Benches

A Deck Design Example

Deck design example
Need to create a jaw-dropping landscape to go with your impressive deck design? We also offer a complete landscape software package.

Why you should use our deck software:

  • Pre-Made Deck Designs
    The included deck design examples will give you a much needed headstart. In many cases, all you have to do is customize an existing professionally designed example. You’ll spend more time building, less time designing.
  • All the Deck Design Visuals You Need
    SmartDraw’s exhaustive libraries will let you quickly stamp everything from outdoor spas to umbrellas and benches. If for some reason you don’t see what you need, you can even create your own custom library of deck design symbols.
  • Automatic Dimensions
    You can show dimensions and area in a single click or hide them if your deck design feels too busy. To change the length of a board, you can drag-and-drop the ends of it or you can just type in a new dimension and the board will stretch or shrink to the correct size.
  • Share and Collaborate on Your Deck Plans
    With a single click, you can export your deck plan to any Microsoft Office application to quickly add it to a Word document or just save it as JPG, PNG, or any common graphic file format. You can also make your deck design into a PDF or share it online with your friends and family.
  • Free Support
    Got a question? Call or email us. SmartDraw experts are standing by ready to help, for free!
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Before you get dirty sawing and digging, create a professional deck design with SmartDraw. Download and try it FREE.


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