Headquarters: McComb, MS

Employees: 500


General Information: Supplying distributors, lumber yards and home improvement stores throughout the continental United States, Croft operates a 600,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Mississippi. It moved there more than 50 years ago, after getting its start in 1920 in Jamestown, N.Y.

Vinyl windows 

Some might think that embracing innovation is difficult for a vinyl window company that enjoys the kind of heritage that Croft does. We definitely don’t think so. In fact, we have a track record that demonstrates our lasting ability to lead the charge in innovative window manufacturing and quality design. By retaining the heritage of quality and strength that has always been at the core of the Croft business model, and moving forward with every development in technology and advancement in design, Croft vinyl windows are able to continue to lead the pack. Our vinyl windows have been pioneering the way in energy efficient windows since long before “green” came to the forefront of the public’s attention. With Intercept glass, reinforced interlocking systems, and fully pocketed sills, Croft vinyl windows take energy efficiency to a new level. With a total welded frame, our vinyl windows are built to last.

Croft Vinyl windows

Aluminum windows

To be in the window business as long as we have here at Croft, there are a few things you have to get right. To start, you have to consistently deliver a quality product that can stand alone, day in and day out. Second, you have to stand behind it; even though the superior quality of the product means it can stand alone, supporting customers is a key element to our success as a business. Our aluminum windows are a perfect example of the fusion of these elements. Croft Aluminum windows have been the industry standard for decades. From the unparalleled strength of the Summit Series, to the economical Capstone Series, every Croft aluminum window is built solid, strong, and energy efficient. We’ve been manufacturing easily installed energy star windows with a variety of glass options for years. With our track record of quality and reliability, it’s easy to see why Croft has been around as long as we have. Like every window we make, our aluminum windows are built for life. 

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Croft Aluminum windows

Storm windows 

Sometimes your existing windows need a little added protection. Storm windows are just the thing to give your home a quick boost in efficiency and protection. Whether you live in an old home that needs an extra barrier that maintains the old windows but provides a little added stability and strength to the shell, or if you are just looking for a quick upgrade to boost your home’s energy efficiency, Croft storm windows will add a reliable layer of protection. Without replacing the window, a storm window can be an excellent measure to weather proof drafty homes. Additionally, a good storm window can protect a home from intruders by adding an extra layer of protection to the external shield of your home. In violent storms, heavy winds, and intense rains, storm windows are less likely to break or give way than the older windows of many homes. Like any other Croft window, our storm windows are built for life, a tradition that has established Croft as a leader in the window manufacturing industry.

Croft Storm windows

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Headquarters: McComb, MS Employees: 500...



  • micrometer 14.01.2017 at 23:02

    I was considering Croft Windows for replacement for my existing windows.
    I have researched the web for warranty information for their product lines.
    As I have not found any information regarding warranty or product reviews from consumers.
    This tends to have me believe why or what is the company not telling about their products.
    Any information would be appreciated!