Contemporary Bathroom Shower Ideas for Your New House or Renovation

Are you hunting for bathroom shower ideas for your new home or planning to give your bathroom shower a new look? Whatever it is you’re after, the shower ideas in this article could help you.


Drizzle of Rain in your Shower Area

If you find the drizzle of rain calming, and the soft drops on your skin create a relaxing sensation, then you must have a rainfall shower head in your shower area. You will take pleasure in the gentle water against your skin as it soothingly washes away the dirt and smell that the busy day gave you. You can also opt for grayish walls for your shower area and try to capture the dimness of the day while the soft rain is pouring. Add a soft-toned light for a more dramatic feel and appeal if you prefer to make your shower area more relaxing and comfortable, or choose a shower head with LED lighting.

Roomy Shower with Multiple Shower heads

If you are someone who prefers a shower area with lots of room to move around, then you might just as well include multiple shower heads to double or even triple the fun. You can choose two to three shower heads to include like rainfall shower head, massage shower head, multi-head shower head, waterfall shower head, shower head with therapeutic light, hand held body spray and more. Choose a glass door or wall to separate your shower area. Choose marble or Italian tiles for the walls of your shower area.

Modern Day Seated Shower

Seats are fast becoming the favorite feature in the modern day’s showers. If you prefer a spacious shower, then why not add a marble bench along the shower wall. It can effectively simulate a sauna or spa so you can relax and take your time. Take a shower while sitting on your luxurious bench. This shower design is highly recommended for anyone with weak or problematic knees or who wants to spend ample time in the shower but hates standing for a long time.

Let Off a Good Steam with your Steam Shower

Steam Shower /

Steam showers are gaining popularity among homeowners. To mimic the atmosphere of a sauna without feeling cramped, you can enclose your shower area in glass and let out a good steam from your steam shower. Choose pastel colored walls for your shower area. An onyx bench is a great addition for this kind of shower.

Roman Inspired Shower

Look for an ancient Roman bath that you like, make it small, and place it in your bathroom as your shower area. Of course, you need to add modern fixtures to make it more appealing. You can use multi-colored and earth-toned bricks to accentuate the exterior of the shower area. Use marble for the inner walls to complete the looks. You can choose any shower head that you prefer.

A Blend of Different Whites

There are people who want their entire bathroom and shower area in white. But, that would be boring and too plain, don’t you think? If you prefer your bathroom and shower area in white, then go for the different shades of white like pure white, off white, and grayish white – include them all in your bathroom and shower area. You can use a more expensive tile or marble along the area where you intend to put your shower head. You can also choose different tile textures to create variance. If you want to put a divider or door to separate your shower area, it is best to use a glass divider or door.

A Touch of Gold

Someone who finds gold fascinating and mesmerizing will surely love a shower area with a touch of gold by opting for gold colored walls. To make it even more luxurious, turn it into a double shower. Make it look like a living diorama with borders of black to make the rich gold color even more stunning. Finish it with clear glass doors to flaunt everything inside.

Shower with a View

Shower with a view /

If you happen to own a property with a stunning view, then it is only natural that you want to see the panoramic view everywhere you go inside your house, including the shower area. You can choose to have a large glass window for your bathroom and make sure that it’s facing the view. Put a bench in your shower area so you can take your time looking at the breathtaking scenery while enjoying your shower. Make sure that no outsider can see while you’re in the shower.

Aiming for Pet-Friendly Bathroom Shower

There are homeowners that love their pets as they would their children. They love them so much that they want to personally groom them. If you have a pet or pets that you want to bathe yourself, then you can include an extra hand held body spray just for your beloved pet. You can also cut your regular trips to the groomers and save some cash.

Unlimited Shower Ideas that Only You can Conceive

This section offers suggestions that you don’t see or hear every day that includes different lighting (not the usual recommendations that you hear), flooring materials (the trendy ones), walls (accents and materials), and other suggestions that you can mix and match when planning for the kind of shower area that you want. It is definitely better if you can incorporate your own personality and style to your bathroom shower. Also, you need to be careful in deciding on the things that you want to put in your shower – consider space, aesthetic appeal, budget, functionality, and other important things. You might also want to add support rails or grab bars.

Different Lighting in One Bathroom

If you want to achieve a different kind of dramatic effect for your bathroom shower, then you might want to try different lighting for each section of your entire bathroom. You can use a mixture of low lights and up-light to the bathroom vanity area. Your shower area must have a glass door or divider so you can appreciate the dramatic lighting effects.

You can also try putting a lamp in your bathroom or choose a decorative chandelier. You can always find a more suitable place for them in your house in case you don’t like how they look in your bathroom.

Entertainment Media

More and more people choose to bring electronics into their bathroom. Some do it for relaxation, and there are some who do it for practical reasons. Bluetooth devices, wireless gadgets, and docking stations are being built-in or integrated into the bathroom mirrors and/or shower heads. There are electronics companies that offer all-in-one speaker and shower head combo.

There are homeowners who prefer to have a TV in their bathroom so they won’t miss their favorite program or important news updates while taking their shower. If you opt to have some electronic gadgets or appliances in your bathroom, then let the professionals handle the necessary installations to avoid possible electrocution.

Shower Seats

There are different shower seats to choose from, and you only need to decide for the right size that fits your shower area as well as the style that you prefer. There are bench seats (made of different raw materials), foldable seats, swivel shower chairs, corner seat, and sliding transfer bench.

Shower heads

The National Kitchen and Bath Association of NKBA announced that showers are becoming more popular than bath tubs. It is not surprising that water jets, body sprays, and different shower heads are preferred by more and more homeowners. You can browse the net or take a home depot trip and see the different shower heads being offered in the market today. You can have an idea regarding the kind of shower area that you want for your bathroom while looking at the different shower heads.

Especially for your Bathroom Shower Walls

There are lots of geometric or patterned tiles in the market today, and you can opt to choose one of them or choose the basic tiles, which a designer predicts to return to the spotlight in 2016. But, expect them to come with a creative twist. You can have the tiles laid in unusual yet artistic patterns to fashion a lasting charm. You already have an idea of how to do it, and it should be easier for you to assemble every minute detail in your mind. You can browse the net or visit different showrooms to boost your confidence in your design, or you might even pick up a nicer concept for your bathroom shower.

Your Choice of Flooring

For your flooring, you can choose tiles, marble, or wood. For the year 2016, expect timber to continue to flourish in the bath area of the house. The natural warmth of wood is what homeowners love. If you opt to use wood in your bathroom, then let the real experts handle everything to make your wood last longer.

Glass for your Shower Door and/or Divider

You can choose clear glass, frosted glass, stained glass, or ornamental glass for your bathroom shower. It really doesn’t matter what type of glass you choose just as long as you love what you see.

Adding Warmth to your Bathroom

There are times when adding a little extra for your bathroom and shower can make a huge difference. Warm towel and warm toes can definitely make a world of difference during cold mornings, especially in winter. Radiant floor heat is considered energy efficient because the heat starts from your feet going up to make you warm.

Hydronic and electric are the two types of radiant flooring. It is easier and cheaper to install electric mats because they do not need a separate system or installation to produce the needed heat. The mats can run off your house’s electrical structure. The hydronic type of radiant flooring needs a separate source of power, like a heat pump. The installation cost of the hydronic type is more expensive. However, it is more affordable to operate the hydronic type than the electric type as time goes by.

If you want to have a radiant floor, then choose the natural stone and tile for your bathroom flooring because they can hold the heat better and all thanks to their good thermal properties.

You can also choose to add a vent less fire in your bathroom if you want to warm it up a bit, especially when you don’t want to have a radiant floor. It is easier to install and less expensive, although it won’t be able to give the kind of warmth that the radiant floor provides.

Creating a Good Ambiance

Horizontal Shower with Ambiance /

An expert designer declared that in the year 2016, the trend in bathroom design will be more on creating ambiance than focusing on utility. The bathroom can be a place where someone can escape to, a place where he or she can relax while immersing his or her body in a luxurious bath or taking a glorious shower. You can start thinking of the kind of ambiance that you want for your bathroom and feel good about it while taking a shower.

You can choose cool and calm tones to create a serene environment that can make you feel so relaxed after a hard day’s work. Any shade of blue or green can put your mind at ease. You can choose to include white accents to make it softer and touches of wood to create warmth. If you want something edgy and sophisticated, then choose to include rustic materials and metallic accents.

If you wish to create something that can make you feel like you are one with nature, then choose earthy materials like river rock and natural stone for your walls, floor, vanity tops, sink, shower, and bathroom furniture. You can also put some plants in your bathroom, just don’t forget to take them out in the morning for their regular dose of sunlight.

It is good to embrace the majestic presence of natural materials and minerals that produce contrasting charisma that present us with tactile texture and visual magnetism in a space that we can call our safe haven.

Follow a particular idea, take the part that you want from all of the presented ideas, or magically blend the different bathroom shower ideas into a colossal bath area where everyone in your household will surely find delightful.

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