Complete Floor Covering Solution Provided by Milliken

Milliken Company has recently introduced and presented to the public exclusive collection of LVT that means Luxury Vinyl Tile.

This step is considered to be the last one on the way to the company’s mission completing. Starting from this moment, Milliken can offer their customers floor covering solutions of any types including carpets, finishing and construction materials.

The main advantages of Milliken products are resistance, high quality, durability, big range, beautiful performance and fresh, modern look. All floor coverings may be used either at home or in office. It is suitable for any interior of any room. Milliken provides many possibilities to those people who made a choice for their products. More than 100 options are available not only in many textures but also in colors. The most popular are wood and stone. The first one can give to the floor a wonderful, chic and expensive look. So can marble or natural stone. It is easy to pick the necessary color and textile when there are a lot of opportunities to choose.

Milliken luxury vinyl tile can also be proud of its high levels of resistance to the abrasion, stains, scratches. A customer can also choose the desirable size and format of floor covering solutions. The products are certified and have proved their eco-friendly and organic aspect. Milliken was awarded for an extremely serious and responsible approach towards its work. Used materials are safe and do not hurt the environment. Moreover, all products can be recycled. For more information visit the official site of the company

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