One of the major strides in home improvement over the last century has to be laminate flooring. Amongst the market leaders in this niche is Classen Laminate by the Classen Group. The firm is the leading producer of laminate flooring in Europe and also the second largest laminate producer in the world.

CLASSEN Laminate by the CLASSEN Group

Founded in 1963, the Classen Group has grown to become the most trusted producer, supplier and service provider for natural wood products for interior finishes in Europe. As well, the company continues to fully embrace technology and is the most innovative producer of laminate flooring the world over. The numerous patents and utility models under the Classen Group bear witness to this.

To be the best, one must be guided by principle, vision and a clear philosophy. At the heart of all its operations, the Classen Group Endeavors to:

  1. Continue to assemble attractive and harmonious wood and wood-based products for its clients.
  2. Deliver their range of products sorted even in small quantities to many countries.
  3. Continue having and developing comprehensive customer services including pricing and shelf stacking.
  4. Have an efficient production department with a high vertical range of manufacture at integrated sites.
  5. To combine capital-intensive engineering installations like those in Germany with the labor-intensive production lines of Poland.
  6. Make a commitment to sustainability and consistently implement strategies that protect resources and the environment.

Only a few producers have as clear and ambitious a working philosophy as the company and Classen is ahead of them all as it is the only firm which offers all these commitments together.

Taking Stock of the current situation

The laminate floorings space has seen tremendous growth in the past few decades. With this growth, so has the Classen Group grown. Here are a few facts and figures to help analyze this growth.

  • In 1999, the Classen Group had 487 employees in its workforce. Today, that figure has more than doubled to 1219 workers, an increase of over 150%.
  • Every year, 460 million square meters of flooring is produced in Europe by 21 ordinary members of the EPLF. The Classen Group owns and produces 17% of this at 80 million square meters.
  • 78% of the world’s laminated floors are produced in Western Europe, with the top production country in the world being Germany.

CLASSEN The Production Process

Lamination was first introduced in the 1920s. It involved compressing many layers together with glue and resin then curing them with heat. The process created a new product that was stronger than its components.

The Classen Group is the only maker of laminate flooring to produce products from a centralized place for distribution worldwide. This it does from its integrated site which is made up of two factories;

  1. The Fiberboard GmbH’s HDF factory which produces high-quality HDF boards.
  2. CLASSEN Industries GmbH’s Laminate factory which receives the HDF boards and turns them into High-quality CLASSEN laminate flooring.

These two factories make up the Baruth Plant, and it is by far the most modern laminate factory in the world. The combining of these separate wood processing factories as well as the proximity raw material from the nearby sustainable forestry offers major benefits to both the environment as well as the environment.

Sustainability and Environment Focus

The entire supply chain from the delivery of raw materials from sustainable German forests to production of HDF boards to finally the packaged finished product has made the firm be recognized and appreciated with numerous certificates for its environmental conservation efforts. In deciding the location for the factory 10 years ago, sustainability was clearly a major deciding factor. Proximity to the Brandenburg Forests in the immediate area ensures the sourcing of low emission raw materials.

With a view to promote sustainable forest management, Classen only uses raw materials certified by the PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) and the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Cut wood and waste of a defined high quality are used to produce MDF boards further ensuring forest resources are used as economically as possible.

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Other characteristic features of these sustainable business process include:

  • Low-in-Emissions production technologies.
  • Utilization of wood waste through the firms biomass CHP.
  • Adding the heat from the biomass CHP into the production Cycle.

As a company policy, the firm doesn’t source any imported tropical woods thus playing a part in the conservation of our dwindling tropical forests. Furthermore, the Classen Groups’ certified, low emission production process has been confirmed by the Blue Angel Seal. By having in place a risk management system, the firm is assured that none of its raw materials have been procured from illegal felling. As well, the firm, through its management and its employees have committed themselves to climate protection and sustainability through management declarations.

With over 80 million square meters of high-quality laminated floorings made from its integrated, Baruth factory near Berlin, it is reassuring to know that their products have the lowest emissions in their market segment.

Setting the Pace in Technology Adoption

The Classen Group continues lead the pack as the most innovative laminate producer in the world. To this end, it heavily reliant on technology and continues to adopt new, better and more economical production methods.

Some of these methods include:

Liquid Layer Technology.

A patented procedure used at its integrated site in Baruth which entails the combination of different surface refinement technologies. As a result there is greater product quality at more efficient energy consumption levels.

Surface Technology.

The firm has special techniques for finishing laminate decors that have breathtaking surface structures. The broadness of this techniques avail a large selection of for surface options for customers to choose from. From smooth, high-gloss or super-mat surfaces, to handmade paper and micropore surfaces, there are over twelve texture variants to choose from.

Laying Technology.

Classen is the inventor of the fold-down laying system. It is integrated into the company’s floorings as “CLASSEN megaloc” and other laminate flooring producers have acquired licenses to take advantage of this game-changing, easy and fast laying system.

The “EasyConnect” Laying System.

Before the discovery of fold-down laying, the company had in place the angle-angle laying system. This system is still used for Classen floorings under the name “EasyConnect”. This system was the start of a new era of adhesive free laying systems and its patent was registered with the European Patent Office in 2002 and the US patent office in 2003.

Digital Printing.

In 2013, Classen introduced launched the digital production of laminate floorings on a large scale. Initially the aim was to enable the production of custom decors for major clients. However, the digital printing procedure has made production flexible in a number of ways including for the production of both small and large series of laminate floorings. Digital printing offers new and exciting possibilities to the Classen Group since the company is now able to respond faster and will be more flexible to new décor and design trends.

With such work ethic, innovation and experience, The Classen Group is home to numerous laminate flooring products as well as other interior fixtures and floor accessories.

The Major Flooring Laminate Products include:

The CLASSEN Home Edition

Welcome Home. The Classen home edition features seven differentiated products in its range. However, all feature high-quality decors, finishes and plank formats. In its product range you will find flooring for any taste be it, a modern country house design, a trendy industry look or an elegant atmosphere. With all the products however is the promise of an always cozy and always individual feel.

Some of the products in this range include:

The Home 7 series

It comprises the Home 7 Classic Plank and the Home 7 V Enjoy Life! The Home 7 classic plank is made for any home and is usable with any interior decorating style. Its main purpose is to supplement the personal, modern room concepts you might have. On the other hand, the Home 7 V Enjoy Life! Is for the daring, the bold who live life in full color and aren’t afraid of trying out new things. It is from the Classen Trend Collection which comprises unusual formats, matt surfaces, chic flooring and structures that are pleasant to the touch.

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The Home 8 Series

Comprising the Home 8 Pure spirit… and the Home 8 V Creative variety. The former is meant for more than just individual rooms in a cozy home. Rather, it is meant to inspire a place at home where everyone is comfortable. In contrast, the latter is meant to match the everyday creativity our tasks require. To bring harmony to the home space in order for individuals to be most productive.

In this range also is the Home 8 V Strip, Home 8 V Largo and Home 8 V Horizon. All these products continue with The Home Edition’s brand mission, to make household a welcome place regardless the homeowners’ tastes and preferences as well as budget. Offering comfort and style, The Home Edition tries to accommodate every possible client persona and temperament be it wild or reserved, calculated or free spirited.


At first glance, you could doubt if it is laminate thanks to the new decors in a handy tile format measuring 30 by 60 cm. The collection has a wide selection of decors ranging from beautifully reproduced antique stone decorations to high fashion ones, black violet to white marble. This brand proves that, with flooring, anything is possible. From fresh colors to dark tones, the brand has it all. Surfaces that are eye catching or simply smooth and polished. The brand has three products in its range; Stone, Slate, and Concrete.


To create this brand, Classen makes use of their knowledge of old skills to convert wood laminate into contemporary decors that remain timeless. The surfaces that emerge from this process give rise to the unique character of this outstanding collection. With such finesse in its production process and the character it brings to floorings, it deserves the name Extravagant. There are only two products in this range. Extravagant Dynamic and Extravagant Tradition.


Sophistication. More than anything else, the Wiparquet brand speaks more sophistication with its products. This is what it stands for. It packs many unusual surface finishes and decors that are a class above every other product in the market. With it, the Classen Group is introducing the next generation of laminate flooring. Such is their rarity that at the moment, they are only available in selected specialist outlets. In the brand’s range are two products, Wiparquet Style, and Wiparquet Authentic. Have a sneak peek of the two product here.

Other Appealing Traits of all Classen Laminate Products

There are some standard features in all laminate floorings by Classen that make them tick. Features that make them stand out amongst the clients they serve. They include:

The Cleancare surface with Microban®

This is one great feature that is especially coveted by young families. Let’s be honest, no matter how well and often you clean your floor surfaces, germs and bacteria will surely be right behind you, occupying these surfaces. And pets do not help the situation much, but the Microban® agent in Classen flooring products will. The agent, which has been proven to kill most known bacteria, is integrated into the making of all Classen flooring products. The agent redistributes itself continuously throughout the surface giving you extra protection with your floor sanitizing.

The EasyConnect® locking system with Isowaxx® joint protection

Among the numerous patents Classen holds, the EasyConnect® patent stand out as it makes installation quick and easy without requiring any glue. Yes, glue-less installation is possible. The Isowaxx® technology ensures the joints are sealed as would any standard glue would only better because it leaves no mess. With the seals in place, you are provided adequate protection that is associated with moisture including spills, muddy shoes and so forth.

Numerous beautiful designs.

Of all the laminate flooring producers, none come close to meeting the diverse range of product designs and colors that Classen has. With literally hundreds of options across its different brands, a consumer is spoilt for choice when shopping for laminate flooring. Should none fancy your taste too, provided your order is big enough, they just might custom make it for you.

With this big, beautiful company, spanning multiple continents and meeting laminate flooring demands everywhere, nothing is impossible.

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