Carpet as a Flooring Material

You might’ve already heard about using laminate, vinyl or linoleum as a flooring. They are all good floorings that would serve you well for many years, but there is one more option you should consider. We’re talking about carpets.

In modern interiors, carpet is not a simple embellishment. It is a very practical accessory that would protect you from catching flu when it’s cold outside and won’t let you get distracted by outside noise.

Many consider carpets to originate from Oriental countries. However, since 11th century carpet production has come to Europe, especially to Belgium. The carpets immediately became a success with aristocracy. Many medieval-era castles were embellished with premium-quality carpets.

A perfect example of high-quality carpets are viscose carpets produced by Verbatex. These are lightweight and ecologically safe carpets with exclusive, stylish design. They will be a great addition to your home or office.

Belgian carpets made of synthetic fibers are known for its premium quality and high wear resistance. The materials are completely hypoallergenic and dirt resistant, making these carpets a perfect fit for children’s rooms.

German, Indian, Chinese and Iranian carpets are also known for their high quality. Look for collections from tier-1 manufacturers for a wide variety of modern designs and marvelous combinations of colors and dyes.

Here’s a little pro tip for families with children. If you’re looking for a carpet for your children’s room, aim for hypoallergenic Belgian carpets made of synthetic fibers. For teenagers, go for polypropylene. It is a simple yet practical solution.

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