Calculating The Cost of Building A Deck

Decks are extremely popular as these installations by the house look very attractive, they are quite comfortable, cozy and functional. Moreover a deck by the house makes the building quite more marketable and can sufficiently add to the price of the house. Dreaming of a good and cozy deck you can bring your dream into life in two ways: hiring experts to build a deck and do it yourself. Let us review what the best way of getting a dream deck by your house is and what will be the cost of building a deck in every case.

But first, let us list the factors which will generate the cost of building a deck:

  • Materials you are going to use in building a deck;
  • Deck type and size;
  • The ground and its leveling for constructing a deck will also sufficiently add to the cost of building a deck;
  • Functionality of your future deck (let us call them extras) – gas for barbeque, electricity, heating devices, built in speakers or built in benches of flower boxes;
  • Cost of deck design software (but actually you can use it for free).

These factors generate a prime cost of building a deck, it is quite obvious that hiring a team of expert carpenters you will get your deck faster and simpler without any efforts but paying the workers. But a do it yourself deck has its own benefits.

Why it is better to hire a team for building a deck?

  • Professional carpenters have great expertise in the domain of building decks. They do know well what works and what will not work for your space. Their advices are very precious especially if you find a real pro team of carpenters who will not want just to fleece you of all your cash. They will advise you materials which will serve better for your future deck.
  • They know the climate of the region and will advise you timber for a deck which will be the most durable and the most weather resistant.
  • They are experts, and this means that they know for sure where to start and finish. This will result in a faster and higher quality installation.
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Moreover professional carpenters know the wholesale market of construction materials better and this means they will be able to buy higher quality materials at a reduced price for your future deck. Besides, the workers will buy all the materials and transport them to your place. Keep in mind that logistic is as well an essential booster cost of building a deck.

With a pro team of carpenters and construction workers extras will be properly installed and connected.

Hiring a pro team, you will be sure to bring all your ideas into life no matter how crazy and complex they are. Most professional carpenters possess specific software enabling them to build designs and plans for constructing a deck. On this stage you can sufficiently affect construction progress as you can add some details to the project or change it while it is not too late.

What are the benefits of DIY deck?

The core advantage of DIY deck is a chance to save costs. However, as experience shows a cost of building a deck on your own can skyrocket to double of the cost of professional deck building. You do not have enough of carpentering and constructing, you do not have enough experience of working with timber and do not know what sorts of timber will better serve for a deck in your climate zone. Constructing a deck on your own will take much more time and it will hardly avoid crucial costly mistakes. Besides, your ideas of a deck and its design will be strictly limited to your knowledge and skills unless you want to master a new craft. But a cost of building a deck on your own can be sufficiently reduced and we will tell you how!

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Other important benefits of building a deck are:

  • Keeping the process completely controlled;
  • Taking great care of details;
  • Being independent from workers and their vis majors.

How to reduce a cost of building a deck?

An average cost of building a deck varies from 8 to 15 USD per square foot and thus the size does extremely matter in this case. Moreover, if you desire to get a complex multilevel outdoor entertainment location you will need to pay for extra square feet the same price. This cost of building a deck includes middle quality building materials. Starving to get a high quality deck or bring into life some design feature you should be ready to go to major expenses. For examples, some more durable sorts of timber will add up to 25 USD to every square foot of your future deck. But planning the expenses and calculating the cost of your future deck, you should keep in mind that it will be a zone of your comfort and tranquility. Does it worth to be saved on?

Reducing cost of building a deck:

  • Buy everything in one place – a wholesale purchase will give you discounts;
  • Plan everything carefully to avoid buying extra materials;
  • Be realistic about your financial capacity and skills and give up on some additional features which will not add functionality or comfort to your future deck. It is more important to build a durable and safe installation than a well looking but quite non-functional something.
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