Bissell Carpet Cleaner for a Healthy Clean

Sand, mud, dust, mold, bacteria, and various pollutants are tracked into our homes daily. This makes choosing a good floor cleaning system an important decision for the health of our families. A Bissell carpet cleaner may be the right machine to control these problems if used consistently and according to directions.

Bissell manufactures two different machines that provide powerful cleaning results. The Proheat 2X Healthy Home model is a Bissell carpet cleaner with a heater built into it. This machine uses hot water from the home faucet and raises the temperature another twenty-five degrees. This kind of heat is quite effective in eliminating dangerous bacteria. By using one of Bissell’s patented antimicrobial floor sprays before using this Bissell carpet cleaner, consumers can kill and remove more than two times the dust mites and allergens than they can with ordinary carpet cleaners, thus the name Proheat 2X. This machine even has a push button spot cleaning function for more heavily soiled areas.

Another Bissell carpet cleaner which provides excellent cleaning is The Proheat 2X Cleanshot. This machine has all of the outstanding features of the Proheat 2X Healthy Home model, but it also has twelve rows of powerful double brushes that rotate to cover the area quickly. Although this model of Bissell carpet cleaner is a bit more expensive than the Proheat 2X Healthy Home model, it has qualities that some feel are worth the extra expense. This Bissell carpet cleaner includes the special Dry Aire feature. This allows the Proheat 2x Cleanshot Bissell carpet cleaner to dry the floor as it cleans. This model of Bissell carpet cleaner also has a greater variety of settings, one of which is perfect for any flooring.

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