Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen provides you millions of opportunities for a punch of color: from painting the walls to choosing the best paint for kitchen cabinets, putting color accents with some accessories and eye-popping utensils. Besides, painting the cabinets in the kitchen is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to refresh the look and feel of the room. However choosing the best paint for kitchen cabinets is not as easy mission as it may seem at the first sight. Our experts give some tips on how to choose a perfect paint for cabinets in your kitchen.

The first criterion, you should keep in mind, is the quality of paint and its application. You should decide upon the paint which will be the best adherent with the surface. That is why your starting point in choosing the best paint for cabinets in the kitchen is the materials the cabinets are made of.

Choosing the color for the cabinets you should answer the next questions:

  • Are you going to renovate the entire kitchen, including floors and walls?
  • Do you plan to dramatically change the color scheme?
  • Do you want to shift the accents in your kitchen?

If you plan to only refresh the look of the cabinets then take inspiration from an overall look and feel of your kitchen. If you plan to renovate the room, then choose the paint for cabinets after the major part of renovation is finished.

Kitchen Cupboard Paint

If you change only color accents in your kitchen and does not make a complete renovation and kitchen redesign then painting kitchen cupboard in a dramatically different color will be a perfect solution. When it comes to choosing kitchen cupboard paint, then you should keep in mind that the paint should be greatly adherent, resistant to mechanical damages and high temperatures to avoid fast run-out. Besides the color of kitchen cupboard should be functional and practical. Expert advice is to give preference to non-stainable natural colors as deep brown, stone grey or even black. Moreover, you can use your cupboard as major color shift in your kitchen design. For example, if you plan to design a cream kitchen, then dark-brown cupboard will fit in best of all.

If you are a creative person and take experiments easily then try eye-popping colors for your kitchen cupboard. It may be bright-yellow or deep green, dark blue or black. The main rule is to keep balance with the general color scheme. Another rule is that there should not be many color accents in order not to overload the general effect. If you are looking for unique colors and the latest designer trends then you can explore the new sets of colors by paint producing companies and interior design trend setters. Moreover the companies and design studios offer complete schemes for renovation and redesign of every room in your house!

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