Bathroom Tiles Design Ideas on a Budget for Small Bathrooms

When building a home, the main idea is always to make it as beautiful as it can be. To achieve this, all the rooms in the house have to be beautifully finished. Bathrooms are usually among the places in a home that require much regarding creativity to make it appear beautiful. You can try anything in all other rooms, but when it comes to the bathroom, you must show the best of skills regarding creativity. Much creativity is needed in designing the bathroom.

A lot of consideration must be made including the space of the bathroom. As a matter of fact, the space of the bathroom contributes a lot in the tiling design that a homeowner will choose for his bathroom. It is always easy to get a design for a large bathroom. The space that a large bathroom has in itself makes it possible for any tiling design to look unique. What of a small bathroom? Well, a small bathroom requires creativity than a large bathroom requires. This is because there are a lot of factors that have to be put into consideration when designing tiles for a small bathroom.

But there is no need to worry for all that you need to know about bathroom tiles design will be discussed. Much emphasis of this discussion will be aimed at giving unique ideas for small bathroom tiles on a budget. You don’t have to spend so much money for you to get a unique design for your small bathroom.

Budget for a Small Bathroom

As mentioned earlier on, you don’t have to use so much money actually to get a good design for your bathroom. You can get good bathroom design ideas on a budget. You must be open to new ideas for you to get the best design that will fit your small bathroom. It is important to note that the constraint in spacing will determine the final outlook of the bathroom. Therefore, you cannot use the same ideas for large bathrooms in a small bathroom. In budgeting for a small bathroom, you have to note the following:

Cost of the tile

Tiles are among the most important elements in a bathroom. The aesthetics of a small bathroom relies heavily on the type of tile used. From the moment a person enters a bathroom to the time, he’ll leave, tiles are always visible. Therefore, it is important to get the best available tiles that are suited for bathrooms. The various types of tiles that can be used include:

  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles: these are amongst the most common types that you can use in a small bathroom. Though they are also used in the large bathroom, a good choice of color for a small bathroom will make the whole difference. Ceramic tiles are not very expensive. The best part of this type of tile is that you will not have to invest so much in maintenance since they are cheap to maintain.
  • Vinyl: this is a type of tile is more common than ceramic due to its relatively cheaper cost. The cheap cost is also accompanied with durability benefits. Therefore, this seems to be the best option that a homeowner has in regards to choosing a tiling solution for a small bathroom when the budget is tight.

Of course, there are many other types of tiles that you can opt for, but the two mentioned above are more popular among those seeking for relatively cheaper and unique tiling solutions for small bathrooms.

Cost of labor

Labor is also a factor that must be considered when budgeting for your bathroom. The cost of labor is always on an upward trend and hence the need to be very careful when seeking labor. For a small bathroom, you don’t have to go for the big home and improvement companies to help you in the work. Such companies will always charge you a lot of money since they have a lot of running head costs to pay for. You can just choose a small company to work for you. But you will need to have the perfect idea for them to work on.

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As an alternative, you can also do it on your own, fixing tiles in a bathroom only requires a few online lessons to get you started. But there is no need to take the risk if you have never done that before.

Selecting the type of tile and determining the cost of labor only forms the preliminary stages of making your small bathroom unique. While still working on a budget, you need to have the right color schemes for your bathroom.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas Color Schemes

We all know the value of choosing the right color. With the right color scheme, you will never go wrong. Given the small space that you have, you can use the right color scheme to get a good looking bathroom. Here below are some of the ideas that you can readily use to make your small bathroom look great.

Choose your mood

The bathroom is yours and therefore it should reflect your personal preference. If there is a certain mood that you have, you can represent it using colors in your bathroom. The mood is one of the finest guides to getting the best color scheme for your bathroom.

Mix  up neutrals

You can also mix up with neutrals if you are not sure of the dominating color. The neutral colors will do a lot in deviating attention from the dominating color and thus keeping your bathroom cool.

Introduce pattern with accessories

You can also add accessories to the color schemes to make the bathroom more beautiful. In doing so, you should pick accessories with colors that are complementing the walls and floor of the bathroom.

About dark colors

There are two ways of looking at dark colors; you can either choose to use or ignore totally. For a small bathroom, majority avoid dark colors because they make the room look even smaller. But if you prefer them and have no issue with your room looking smaller, the dark options can also offer a unique appearance.

Find inspiration

To get the best color scheme for your bathroom, you can find inspiration from other rooms. See what you like in your home and think of having your favorite in the bathroom.

The point in choosing a good color scheme is to have a color that will represent your interest and also make the bathroom look lively. Therefore, you should consider these two main considerations:

  • Personal preference of color
  • Effect of the color on the size of the bathroom.

Small Size Bathroom Design Ideas

Small Bathrom Idea //
Small Bathrom Idea //

Many people have always thought that you can only have good bathroom ideas for large bathrooms not knowing that you can actually get bathroom design ideas for small spaces. Depending on what you want, there are plenty of ideas that you can make use of to make your small bathroom unique and attractive. Here below are a small size bathroom design ideas that you can embrace.

1. Indulge Your Vanity

Typically, vanity is the only piece of furniture that you can have in a small bath hence the need to ensure it makes a big impact. Furniture-style vanities are very popular in the current times and thus serve as an option. You can go for the ready-made vanities or make your own.

2. Add Color with Accessories

As mentioned earlier on, accessories play a big role in the color scheme of any bathroom. When your bathroom is small in size, you should include even a minimal splash of color that will add some fun. As a tip, you should stick to the neutral colors.

3. Go for Saturated Shade

The ultra-dark shades you are scared of using elsewhere can be tested in the bathroom. You will actually find that the dark colors make the bathroom cooler more especially if there is a lot of natural light coming into the room. But remember to try this idea when you have abundant of natural light getting into the room. If there is no light getting into the room, this idea might not work well for a small bathroom.

4. Skirt the Issue

An easy-to-sew sink skirt can be a great idea for a small bathroom since pedestal sinks are ideal for tight spaces but have no hidden storage. An easy-to-sew sink skirt provides both style and function to a bathroom hence a great idea for a small bathroom.

5. Make Built-In Storage

Due to the limit in spacing, you can make a built-in storage that will allow you more external space in your bathroom. The built-in storage offers an effective way of saving on space.

6. Give an Illusion with Glass

Glass can give an illusion that the bathroom is big while it is actually small. It does this by allowing you to see from one end of the room to another, creating the illusion of a big room.

7. Add Floating Storage

When you use a floating storage, less space is taken hence creating more space in the bathroom. This is a bathroom idea just for small bathrooms. A vanity is one of the storage that you can interfere with to create more space.

8. Change the Floor Plan

You can also change the floor plan to come up with something that will help you in saving space in your bathroom. For example, you can shift the toilet to the wall and add a wall-mounted sink. It looks so simple, but such an act will help in maximizing the space available.

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9. Declutter Countertops

Any makeup and personal grooming tools should be stored out of sight for they have an effect of making the bathroom look small. The sight of these items indicate a dead end and therefore they should be stored out of sight. Instead of such items, you can style your countertop with fresh flowers and sweet-smelling lotion.

10. Make Organizing Fun

A small bathroom is highly dependent on its organization. If you can manage to make organizing fun, then the bathroom will be lively making it look bigger.

The above mentioned are only 10 of the many small size bathroom design ideas. There are still much more, but you can try with the above to give your bathroom a new look.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas Modern Style

Small Bathroom Modern Style //
Small Bathroom Modern Style //

You don’t have to rely on the archaic ideas to make your small bathroom lively. There are modern bathroom design ideas for small spaces that you can make use of. Not only will you be following the trend but also enjoy the benefit of a luxurious bathroom, though still small. The main idea behind modern design ideas is to make the bathroom look large and expensive. Here below are some of the leading design ideas that you can make use of:

1. Paint the ceiling the color of the walls

In modern bathrooms, the color of the ceiling is painted as the color of the walls. The impression is so powerful that you will hardly notice that the room is small. It keeps the bathroom lively.

2. Contemporary towel bar

Though the towel bar is usually covered with towel most of the time, having a contemporary one makes the bathroom elegant. Instead of the plastic bars, you can opt for a polished chrome finish.

3. Blend tile colors with wall color

Regarding color, there should be a constant theme in a small bathroom. Given its small size, you cannot afford to deviate from the theme color hence blending the tile color with the wall color.

4. Go BIG on the mirrors

One of the signatures of a small contemporary bathroom is the large mirror. Mirrors play a very big role in keeping the bathroom look big. Therefore, the bigger the mirror, the better for your small bathroom.

5. Natural Light

In modern times, natural light is highly valued. If you can design your bathroom in such a way that natural light will be in plenty, then you are definitely going to make a good bathroom regardless of its small size.

Modernity in small bathrooms is fast changing hence the need to keep up with the pace to enjoy the benefits of having a modern bathroom.

Small Bathroom Ideas in Australia


Australia Bathroom Desidg Idea //
Australia Bathroom Desidg Idea //

Australia is a leading country in setting up the trend in homes. The modern small bathroom ideas probably have their origin in Australia. Residents here are mindful of the prevailing trend and always work to be ahead of the trend. Some of the small bathroom ideas that are uniquely Australian include:

  • Wood. Wood is highly valued in Australia to an extent that they use it in bathrooms. When used in small bathrooms, they create a unique effect that keeps the bathroom look smart.
  • Creative tile patterns. Regardless of the type of tile you use in your bathroom, you can have creative tile patterns that are unique. Australians have been creating different patterns using tiles on the floor and walls.
  • Functionality first. The design ideas for small bathrooms are inspired by functionality. In as much as there is aesthetics, functionality comes first.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas from Pinterest

Pinterest is also a good place to seek inspiration for small bathroom design ideas. Here, you will get multiple of great designs. All the designs here are meant to cater for:

  • Space
  • Storage
  • Color schemes
  • Accessories
  • Modern styles
  • Lighting
  • etc.

The good thing with getting ideas from Pinterest is that you will also learn how to make changes to your bathroom without seeking external help.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas with Shower

The shower of a small bathroom can also undergo numerous changes to make effective in utilizing the space. Some of the design ideas include:

  • Capture a corner. You can have your shower placed at the corner of the bathroom to create more space in the center.
  • Omit the tub. You really don’t need a bathtub when you don’t have enough space. You can do away with the tub and enjoy the extra space.
  • Adapt and adjust. Your bathroom shower should adapt and adjust to your prevailing needs. They are not permanent hence changeable.
  • Go long. You can align bathing and showering stations on a small bathroom’s longest wall.

Small Bathroom Design Ideas Pictures and Photos

These small bathroom design ideas can be well presented in pictures and photos. All you have to do is to get the pictures that truly represent your taste for a small ideal bathroom.

With all these design ideas for small bathrooms, you definitely can’t fail to find a good idea that will work to make your small bathroom attractive and effective in its function.


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