Balterio Laminate

Balterio, Spamolux Company NV branch, that is one of the most fast growing world’s laminate producers. Balterio laminate floors are sold in more than 55 countries of the world. Production export is about 97, 5% from the total production volume.

Balterio is the member of EOLF ( – Association of European Producers of Laminate Flooring.

Balterio produces laminate of its own manufacture with a use of a unique moisture-resistant board. Balterio laminate has refined features of solidity, resistance, bulging and deformation. Balterio laminate with the wide choice of colors and designs is the best combination of quality and price. The floors meet the demands of manufacture.


Balterio laminate floors are extremely durable. The wear-resistant surface together with the strong core ensures a remarkable resistance to scratches, moisture and stains. They are as moisture resistant as traditional wooden floors. Even after years of intensive use, your floor will be in outstanding condition.

Resistance to: Scratch Balterio laminate floor can withstand scratches from office chairs with soft rubber wheels. To keep sand out, though, a doormat is best. • Moisture Balterio produces the HDF core boards itself and applies the highest standards in respect of swelling and expansion. • Stain

Sauces, spaghetti, jam, coffee etc. have often ruined a carpet or solid parquet floor. With a Balterio floor, stains need not be a disaster. Magic markers, lipstick or nail varnish can be easily removed with a drop of acetone on a clean cloth.

Wear The wear-resistance is guaranteed by the wear-resistant surface together with the hard core. • Impact

The high-quality HDF (High-Density Fibre) core boards can resist sudden impacts from high heels, falling objects and the pressure marks caused by furniture legs.


Balterio cares about customers well-being. Formaldehyde

Balterio laminate floors contain 10 times less fomaldehyde than the required E1-norm and are therefor safer to install. E1-norm = <= 3,5mg/m²h / Balterio score = 0,32mg/m²h.

Slip-resistant A slippery floor constitutes a daily danger. In the area of slip resistance Balterio floors score 45% better than the norm. Energy saving

Balterio laminate floors are perfectly compatible with underfloor heating of the ‘water system’ type, without you having a higher energy bill in comparison with classic heating systems. Balterio laminate floors conduct the warmth, generated via an underfloor heating system, very well.

Perfect quality Cigarette proof A fallen burning cigarette that is for a few seconds on Balterio laminate floor won’t leave the slightest trace. Fire class

Thanks to the high density of the Balterio HDF core plates, our product is difficult to ignite. That results in substantially increased evacuation time in the event of fire. Balterio is the first manufacturer to offer a fully fire-retardant laminate floor: ‘Confidence®’. Dimensional stability The high quality core boards limit the effect of relative humidity on Balterio laminate floor, in comparison with solid wood or chipboard. Any small degree of swelling of 1 mm per walking meter is dealt with by means of an expansion join

Collections: Grandeur

Grandeur is for people who want nothing but the best. This collection of laminate floors is the very best that the market has to offer. Exquisite quality is not this luxury laminate’s only advantage: its measurements are also a cut above the ordinary. The extra long and wide planks are perfect for large areas and spacious lofts.



This exclusive luxurious laminate touches perfection, as it even outshines real wood. With the Chromezone® technology, the shiny pores have a radiant luster, and in combination with the matt finish, it leaves quite an impression and is showing real natural beauty. The Magnitude laminate is True to Nature, and all four sides have a beautiful micro V-groove. The light reflections are magnificent, enhancing the look and feel of your living environment. This is the number 1 amongst laminate flooring!

Tradition Exotic

Why not give your home a mysterious eastern or authentic African accent? Exotic Wood can help you do this with its dark exotic woods in warm tints. The look and feel of the Exotic Wood collection is totally life-like and the planks have a micro-V-groove on all four sides. Exotic seduction at its most beautiful.


Conference is the floor par excellence for spaces with a lot of passage, like in the hotel and catering industry, or for offices where desk chairs and other ‘rolling furniture’ heavily tax the floor. This stylish range has the highest possible wear resistance, even after years of intensive use!


You love a warm floor but the pure look of real natural stone? With its tile-like relief and structure, Revolution provides that unique mix. Combined with all the benefits of contemporary laminate. No matter what you choose, you will be pleased with the quality and design of Balterio floors.

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