ASID celebrates passing of new bill

ASID is the abbreviation of The American Society of Interior Designers. Recently, it has celebrated a very important event – their legislative priority and bill has finally achieved “passed” status by the legislature of Utah. Their bill under the name the Commercial Interior Design Certification Modification is considered to be a very significant one for interior designers. According to it, commercial designers will be able to sign their projects and emphasize their amount of work done while collaborating with construction and/or renovation companies.

This event is a great step and perspective for all interior designers working in this field and it will help them to develop their projects easily, to expand their businesses and to break all the barriers and obstacles in their ways. CED of The American Society of Interior Designers marked the importance of this event and named it a great reason to celebrate. Randy Fiser has also named it a big professional victory. It is a big step forward and the result of long-lasting, tireless work in non-stop regime. This bill is a means of achieving new heights and results, of opening new doors for new professionals in the field. It can also be considered as one more right for interior designers who are given even more chances, even more wonderful opportunities. But it is not a total victory, much more is needed and it motivates to continue working for the profession and support of interior design. 

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