A New President of Arley Wholesale

Arley Wholesale Company is well-known and famous supplier of various types of tiles and other flooring materials. It is a family-owned incorporation, and now the third generation of heads of a company is now represented by recently appointed president, namely Scott Levy.


The selection of Scott Levy is considered to be a great strategic step to promote company and its success further. There are a lot of goals to be achieved and accomplished. The company continues to produce tiles of ceramic, glass, porcelain and other materials. The main concept of this company is to do as much as it is possible to satisfy the client and his expectations. Arley Wholesale led by Scott Levy will be more active, more respected and more productive and these qualities will pass to another generation of its head team.

Before becoming a president, Levy was holding another highly respected position, to be more precise – executive vice president of different operations types. The ex-president Saul Levy is the father of Scott, and after retiring and passing his position he will continue to work in this company sharing with other his vast experience and knowledge.

Almost all the holders of company’s positions were changed or replaced, some of them took new responsibilities. All the members of Arley team provide guidance to the others and propose successful commercial decisions. Family business is not easy to be run and it is perfectly understood by Scott Levy. But he claims that family and friendship atmosphere is a precious thing to be preserved to provide an outstanding and prosperous sfuture of their organization.

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