5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Renovating your bathroom is a great way to increase the value of your home, while making your everyday experiences at home much more enjoyable. Even though you might not spend a lot of time in this room, having a well-designed and decorated bathroom can really improve your quality of life – giving you a private retreat of your very own. Your bathroom can be a sanctuary where you can relax and unwind at the end of the day, and a cheerful wake-up call as you prepare for your day.

A bathroom remodel, though, is no small undertaking – there are tons of aspects involved with completing this renovation, so it’s good to come up with a solid plan before you start tearing up tile and picking out fixtures. Think about what you want your bathroom to look like and feel like, and come up with a concept that you feel good about living with for the next ten years, or more.

Hide the toilet

This tip is especially important if your bathroom opens to a high-traffic room or hallway, and the door is frequently left open. Your toilet definitely isn’t what you or your guests want to look at, and if you’re hoping to make your bathroom feel less clinical and more like a day at the spa, tucking the toilet behind a cabinet, wall, or sink can make a huge difference. With your toilet out of the way, you’ll feel confident that your bathroom will look great even with the door wide open.

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Think about lighting

Your bathroom serves a lot more purposes than just providing a space to brush your teeth and use the toilet – and these different functions won’t always need the same kind of lighting. A good approach is to use layers of lighting types, incorporating task lighting for things like apply makeup, accent lighting to highlight your decorations, ambient lighting to provide sufficient brightness so you can see clearly, and decorative lighting to achieve a certain mood. A dimmer switch on one or more of these types of lights is a great way to switch your bathroom from a bright space while you get ready for work to a cozy retreat for a warm bath at the end of the day.

Install a steam shower

This is one of the quickest ways you can take your bathroom from a boring, sanitary space to a luxurious spa-like retreat. A steam shower might seem like an unnecessary splurge, but when you consider how much time you spend bathing, it makes sense to invest in making that experience more enjoyable. Not only do steam showers feel great and look high-end, they provide a ton of health benefits – opening your pores and helping you purge toxins from your body, relaxing stiff and sore muscles, and stimulating your circulation and immune system.

Plan several options for ventilation

Bathrooms are humid rooms, and all that moisture can lead to build ups of mold and mildew – even if you stay on top of the cleaning. A good idea is to use a multifaceted approach, with both a fan and an operable window to let in some fresh air and keep it moving throughout the room. Your built-in ceiling fan should also vent to the outside, not into the attic.

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Splurge a little

Since your bathroom is such a small part of your home, it’s a great opportunity to spend a little more on some higher-end touches. Not only will this investment make your new bathroom space feel even more elegant, it will give you a better idea of how you can incorporate these little splurges in the rest of your home. You don’t need to spend a fortune – just a couple upgrades is enough to make a huge difference in how your bathroom and home will look and feel.

Once you’ve got a plan in place, take your time picking out your appliances, fixtures, and paint colors. A renovation is a lot of work and a huge inconvenience, so you want your new design to last for years. Stick with classic styles and incorporate trends in small ways that can be easily switched out when it’s time for a change – but make sure the bulk of your bathroom is designed in a functional, pleasing way that will continue to make you happy for years to come.

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