200 Jobs in Dalton From Mohawk Industries

200 jobs from one of the world’s largest flooring manufacturer known under the name of Mohawk Industries will be created to expand their activities and flooring operations in Dalton. This project was created to increase the manufacturing capacity of the company on luxury vinyl tile and floor coverings. More than two hundred jobs will be generated for this region.


Mohawk Industries continues its expansion in all the parts of the world, being a premier flooring manufacturer and retailer. Its investments helped to create jobs and develop the infrastructure of a certain region. Moreover, this project will help Mohawk to increase the level of production of their products and employ many workers. Now, Mohawk is expanding its activity in Dalton. It was marked by Brian Carson, president of Mohawk Industries’ Flooring North America segment. Mohawk position in the capacity of global and worldwide leader will be kept and preserved with the help of this investment.

Mohawk acquired the IVC Group last year, and it was a very important achievement in getting new manufacturing capabilities. Being the leader in the flooring industry, Mohawk continues to amaze with unique designs and great performance features, offering the largest product line and the highest level of service. Expansion in Dalton is a sign that the company remains successful and continues to grow in all directions. Partnership with Mohawk Industries remains very important, prestigious and useful for both parts. New job opportunities are brought with it. The higher consumer demand is, the higher is the number of job places offered by this leader in the flooring industry. 

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